Sunday, April 24, 2011

District of the Day

"District of the Day" Series on Deeth Blog

If you can't find the story you want to read, write it yourself, I always say, and my obsessive compulsive coverage of Iowa redistricting has nonetheless left me unsatisfied. There's lots of congressional district analysis, and the occasional piece on an individual legislator, but there's no seat by seat look at the state legislative seats.

So I guess I have to write it. Tomorrow I launch the biggest, nerdiest series in the long history of the Deeth Blog: the District Of The Day.

Every weekday I'll look at one district - a Senate district, to be exact, and its two House districts, in district number order. You'll see the names, the moves, the histories, the partisan tilt, and the changes of the lines. I'll also, after each district's day in the sun, keep the pages updated till we get into filing time next March and I start obsessing about every race in that context instead.

It's a tall order but the first three weeks are in the can. Stay tuned to this Bat channel.

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