Monday, April 18, 2011

Redistricting Roundup

Redistricting Roundup

No Branstad autograph on The Map over the weekend but the analyzing and planning continues...

The Register offered a numbercruncher with Senate and House stats. Check out Ankeny, which grew enough to split for the first time. GOP Rep. Kevin Koester finds himself in House 38, which has a very slim D registration edge, while empty House 37 has a GOP edge of over 2000. I'm just sayin'.

Also zinged:
Assistant Majority Leader Steve Lukan, R-New Vienna, now lives in a district with a 21-voter Republican advantage. In his new district, there are 2,326 more registered Democrats than Republicans.

"It's not going to be easy, but the numbers don't scare me," Lukan said of his re-election prospects. "I think I understand how the district performs, and I think I can win."

And according to the article and Linda Upmeyer herself: the majority leader may move out of the triple-up in House District 8: "I also very much appreciate the emails and phone calls I have been getting, asking me to move into the 'new' 54th district. It is something my family and I will continue to discuss, and something I will seriously consider." With Stew Iverson apparantly slated for open Senate 4, that would let Henry Rayhons stay on in House 8. But an Upmeyer move to 54 would close off that escape route for Annette Sweeney, now paired with Grandson Grassley.

Omaha World-Herald has a Greater Council Bluffs perspective including the Brandenburg-Hanusa pair, Nancy Boettger on her pair with (a not quoted) James Seymour, and a generally unaffected Mike Gronstal.

KTIV Sioux City mentions the Hall-Taylor pair in town, the Dan Huseman-Royd Chambers pair to the north, and the brutal prospects for Democrat Sen. Jack Kibbie, paired with the GOP's David Johnson on red turf.

Just names and lines, no quotes, in this Oskaloosa story.

The Lucas Countyan, an eclectic blogger and apparently a lonesome Dem, is happy to join The People's Republic in the 2nd CD but laments his local legislative delegation of Paul McKinley, Joel Fry and Rich Arnold.

And Paul Deaton of Blog for Iowa made it to the Dave Loebsack-Tammy Baldwin event in UHeights that I regret missing, and reports that The Map was Topic A for chitchat.

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