Friday, April 29, 2011

Stutsman Announces in House 77

Stutsman Announces in House 77

It was hinted last week, now official:
Johnson County Supervisor Sally Stutsman has announced plans to run for the Iowa House in an open district in the western part of the county.

The 2011 redistricting process created a new district, House 77, that includes the area where Stutsman has lived since 1969.
As strong a candidate as Democrats could hope for, in a district with a 2500 voter Democratic registration edge.

The district is entirely in Johnson, our fourth complete district. It's anchored by North Liberty and Tiffin, which grew so big they had to be pulled out of Dave Jacoby's Coralville district. It's also got Swisher, Shueyville, Oxford, Tiffin, Frytown, and Lone Tree, but wraps around the city of Hills. Most of those were pulled out of Nate Willems and Jarad Klein's seats, that used to go into Johnson but no longer do. One township comes out of Jeff Kaufmann's district.

Last year Stutsman was the first supervisor to be elected to a fifth term since terms went to four years in the 1970s. She tried for the House once before, in a much tougher district that went into Louisa and Muscatine, in 2000. (She did way better than the Some Dude who ran four years earlier.)

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