Monday, May 09, 2011

District of the Day: Senate District 11, House District 21 and 22

District of the Day: Senate District 11, House District 21 and 22

Senate District 11

Registration: D 9890, R 18,704, N 13,990, total 42,599, R+ 8814
Incumbent: Hubert Houser, R-Carson

So... many... Republicans...

So... close... to Mike Gronstal...

Houser, 68, lost 1000 Republicans with this map, yet still has the third most Republican seat in the state. He moved over from the House without breaking a sweat in a 2001 special. He was unopposed in 2006 and overwhelmed a Some Dude Democrat with 74% in 2010. With an odd number district, he holds over till 2014.

The district keeps Houser's home turf, rural eastern Pottawattamie. In fact, he gains townships there, and now has all of Pottawattamie outside the Council Bluffs city limits. But he loses all his counties to the south - Mills, Fremont and Page - to Joni Ernst. Instead he goes east. He inherits most of Cass, including Atlantic, from Nancy Boettger, and all of tiny Adams and Union from Ernst.

House District 21

Registration: D 4621, R 9186, N 7307, total 21,119, R+ 4565
Incumbent: Jack Drake, R-Griswold

Drake, 76, has been in the House since 1992, and Cass County has been the core of the district the whole time.. He was unopposed in 2006 and 2010, and won with 59% in 2008.

The new district keeps similar chunks of western Cass, including Atlantic, and eastern Pottawattamie. But instead of going north into Shelby County, the new district picks up Adams and Union. The line changes make the new district a bit more Republican.

House District 22

Registration: D 5269, R 9518, N 6683, total 21,480, R+ 4249
Incumbent: Greg Forristall, R-Macedonia

December 2: Forristall running again.

Forristall won an easy primary and a 61% general to win an open seat in 2006, and has been unopposed since. The revised lines pull the district all the way into Pottawattamie, adding a chunk north of Council Bluffs. Old District 98 dipped down to pick up part of Mills County, including Glenwood. The changes cost Forristall about 1100 Republicans, but leave him safe.

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