Monday, May 16, 2011

Linux Monday: Netflix at Last?

Linux Monday: Netflix at Last?

One of the dealbreakers for me and Nexflix was that its streaming video didn't work on Linux, and it appeared that was by design and permanent. But that may be changing:
A Netflix plugin for Chrome and Chrome OS is ready to be released. This is based on the reports that are coming in over at the Chromium site.

This upcoming Netflix plugin will enable the streaming of movies via HTML5 technology, rather than Microsoft’s Silverlight software, which requires the user to download and install it onto their computer -something you’ll only be able to do in limited functions with Chrome OS.
Whether Netflix will be working on other distributions of Linux is yet to be seen. Of course, Chrome has the power of the Google behemoth behind it, and the branding is "Chrome," not "Linux."

Which leads to the question of how to "market" Linux (I mean, other than occasional semi-relevant Monday posts by a local political blogger).
"That Linux has come this far without the benefit of a massive promotional budget such as what Microsoft and Apple products enjoy is a testament to the excellent quality of its product. If it's to go further, however--beyond its stellar success with Android--it's going to need more.

Having been though an MBA program all those many years ago, I can't help but think back to one of the first lessons in Marketing 101: The four Ps of the marketing mix. Product, Price, Placement, Promotion."
We've got the price, at least; in the post-Gutenberg age the default price of information is zero, unless there are measures (paywalls, copy protection) to create artificial scarcity.

History lesson: the story of Slackware, the oldest surviving distribution, dating back to 1993. (Definitely NOT the one to try if you're new at this.)

Clip-n-save this reference: a handy alphabetical guide to command line commands.

And how about this: Raspberry Pi, a complete computer, not much bigger than a USB stick, for $25. (Still in development so can't buy one yet).

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