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District of the Day: Senate District 33, House Districts 65 and 66

District of the Day: Senate District 33, House Districts 65 and 66

Several names repeat themselves in different races on the east side of Cedar Rapids.

Senate District 33

Registration: D 16493, R 11122, N 13692, total 41373, D+ 5371
Incumbent: Rob Hogg, D-Cedar Rapids

Hogg picked up a newly configured House seat in 2002, overcoming a serious GOP effort by former city official Don Palmer by about 600 votes. Hogg moved over to the Senate in 2006, defeating one Schulte, Renee, 59%-41% for a Democratic gain in what had been Chuck Larson's seat. He was re-elected unopposed in 2010 and holds over till 2014.

The old Senate seat had a good Democratic edge (3751 in April 2011) but as seen in 2002 was winnable for Republican Larson. The new lines improve things significantly for Hogg. He loses the Bowman Woods area in northeast Cedar Rapids and the core of downtown, and adds the Czech Village area.

House District 65

Registration: D 8953, R 4788, N 6354, total 20131, D+ 4165
Incumbent: Tyler Olson, D-Cedar Rapids

When Hogg went to the Senate in 2006, Don Palmer tried again, but Olson won easily with 65%. A 2008 Republican opponent quit, and Olson beat an independent in 2010.

The district remains centered in southeast Cedar Rapids. On the north, Olson gives two precincts, 37 and 39, to Schulte. He gains the core of downtown and, jumping the river, Czech Village, both from Kirsten Running-Marquardt. The shifts make his solid Democratic district about 800 Democrats more solid. The convoluted city limits mean this district keeps a long skinny tail along the Cedar River almost to Bertram that redistricting consultant Jerry Mandering likes.

House District 66

Registration: D 7540, R 6334, N 7338, total 21242, D + 1206
Incumbent: Renee Schulte, R-Cedar Rapids

Two years after her Senate loss to Hogg, Schulte came back for a landslide 13 vote House win over one-term Dem Art Staed. Democrats put her on top of the target list for 2010, but wound up playing defense instead of offense, and highly touted attorney Mark Seidl lost by an underwhelming 1100 votes.

Schulte's lines on the north remain the north city limits of Cedar Rapids, though that line itself has moved north and gives the district a strange pair of horns wrapping around Hiawatha. But on the south, where the old line was approximately 29th Street, she picks up two precincts and 900 extra Democrats.

The old district was closely divided, with a Democratic edge of 369, and Staed had won in 2006 by just 365. But as Schulte picks up two precincts to the south, she picks up 900 more Democrats. She was unhappy enough that she was one of the handful of no votes on The Map. Look for Schulte to again be high on the Democratic target list.

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