Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Democrat Adams Running in Senate 22

Democrat Adams Running in Senate 22

Spotted yesterday at the West Des Moines and Windsor Heights parades: attorney Desmund Adams, running as a Democrat in Senate District 22.

The district is currently without an incumbent. West Des Moines Republican Pat Ward, paired up to the east with Democrat Matt McCoy, called dibs before noon on Map Day. (The rumor mill also has former WHO talk star Steve Deace interested, though to correct my District of the Day observation he, like Ward, lives just east of the district line in the Polk County part of West Des Moines.)

Adams, a Drake grad (undergrad and law) has an interesting biography and a Facebook group.

The district is half Polk, half Dallas: Clive, Waukee, Windsor Heights and the Dallas County part of WDM. It has a solid, but not insurmountable, GOP voter registration edge of about 3400. Ward's old district lines were more competitive. She got by unopposed in 2008, though Democratic efforts at campaign recruitment continued to the last minute.

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