Thursday, August 04, 2011

Johnson County Democrats August 2011

Johnson County Democrats August 2011

Just a brief update from the Johnson County Dems tonight. Electeds on hand: Bob Dvorsky and Patti Fields. Dvorsky announces his birthday party. Friday 8/26 6-8 PM Morrison Park in Coralville. Special guest Nate Willems, Lisbon state rep running for open Senate 48. The Iowa Democratic Party chair may also show up.

Candidates on hand: School board contenders Phil Hemingway, Marla Swayse, and Patti Fields speak their piece. Mike Carberry speaks up for Jim Throgmorton, running for city council in district C. (Jim doorknocked my Miller-Orchard neighborhood door Sunday, which gave me a nice excuse to take a break from lawnmowing.)

Another plug for the Obirthday party:
Sunday, August 7th, from 4-7 pm
Shelter 6, Lower City Park, Iowa City
Suggested donation: $5/person, $10/family
Also looking ahead: the fall barbecue is Saturday, October 8, 4 to 7 pm, Johnson County fairgrounds. Speaker TBA. (Terry Branstad Against?)

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