Monday, August 29, 2011

Locals Only Part 2

Locals Only Part 2

When we left off yesterday I was praying for someone, anyone,to run against Rick Dobyns, and Captain Steve Soboroff has answered my prayers. The KCJJ morning man's variation of the gonzo campaign may not be my version of the gonzo campaign, but it's better that the in loco parentis revisited of Doc Dobyns.

It's a second campaign for both Soboroff and Dobyns, who have both lost at large races. Soboroff got through the primary in 2003 and finished last in November, though he did have a pocket of strength on the southeast side. Dobyns was leading the field in the 2005 primary, but finished third for two seats in November, narrowly losing to Mike O'Donnell.

And as expected, Mark McCallum filed in the at large race. He wound up 172 votes short of Connie Champion in the `09 District B race.

So that's four at large; one more and it's a primary.

As for the school board, the P-C did follow up with candidate statements from the two candidates for the two year seat: my choice Karla Cook and Julie Van Dyke.

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