Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Dix Challenging McKinley

Dozens of Iowa Senate Republican leaders spontaneously combust each year, it's just not widely reported

It's been in the rumor mill for some time. Now, smack dab in the middle of he Battle of Marion, it's happening:
Sen. Bill Dix, R-Shell Rock, e-mailed Republican senators today to call for a meeting Thursday morning to discuss the special Nov. 8 election to fill the senate seat vacated recently by Democrat Swati Dandekar, who was appointed by Gov. Terry Branstad to the Iowa Utilities Board.

“In full disclosure, I will also be calling for a leadership election,” Dix wrote.
Also heard in the rumor mill: The ambitious Dix, who ran for Congress in 2006, has his sights set higher than Senate leadership.

Also also heard: There's $$$ targeted to the Senate Republicans--but it's money that's contingent on Paul McKinley getting replaced. Which is probably why this is happening now, in the middle of the special election. Still, isn't there a way to do it without me and every other Democrat in the state reading about it in the Register?

Iowa Senate Republican leader has the job security of Spinal Tap drummer combined with a career advancement plan copied from the Klingon officer corps. You know, back when the Klingons were Bad Guys and not Noble Warriors.

  • End of the tied 25-25 2006 session: Stew Iverson deposed by Mary Lundby y a one-vote margin.
  • 2007: Lundby steps down for health reasons, replaced by Ron Weick.
  • After 2008 election: Weick blamed for losses, deposed by Paul McKinley.

    So McKinley lived by the sword and may die by the sword. Still, at three years tenure he's outlasted Gilderoy Lockhart, Remus Lupin and Fake Mad-Eye Moody combined.

    Notice that both of the deposed leaders left the Senate itself after their downfall. If McKinley's tossed, I'd bet on him NOT seeking re-election next year, which could lead to some seat shuffling on his GOP-friendly Iowa turf.

    This will move quick, and McKinley is on vacation out of the country. How conVENient. Who can count to 13 votes the fastest?
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