Monday, September 12, 2011

McGinness Top School Spender

McGinness Top School Spender

Only three of the record-size ten candidate field for a record five Iowa City school board seats up in Tuesday's election raised or spent more than the $750 campaign finance filing threshold.

Jeff McGinness (report) was the top fundraiser, taking in $3035 and spending almost all of it. The bulk of the money ($1981) went to QC-based political consultant Victory Enterprises, for the omnipresent yard signs that have been up since July. (Update: Jeff notes in comments that the Victory Enterprises bill included mailings; the report itself simply said "Printing & Reproduction."). And yes, local wrestling celebrities show up on the donor list.

Sally Hoelscher (report) took in $2300 and, once unpaid bills are figured in, is in the red. She appears to have done a couple of mailings in addition to signs (though this every election voter didn't get a mailer from her or from ANY candidate.)

The other candidate to top the $750 mark was Karla Cook in the two year race, who took in $870 (report). $504 went to signs and the rest was still on hand.

The only other report came from incumbent Patti Fields. Her account had $349 left over from last time and she raised another 75 bucks. No word from Jeff Alden, Phil Hemingway, Bob Porter, Marla Swesey or Jim Tate for the full term or Julie Van Dyke for the two year. I've spotted yard signs for all but Alden (Hemingway's are home made).


jmcginness said...


To clarify, the bulk of the money actually went to the mailings to everone that voted in the last SB election.

John said...

So noted. The report itself simply read "Printing & Reproduction."