Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pearson Plans Primaries

Pearson Plans Primaries

Register has story this AM about Rep. Kim Pearson (T-Altoona) looking for primary challenges to Insufficiently Pure Republicans. A handy checklist to where she may be looking can be found in the May vote on her Roe-Wade challenging Total Abortion Ban bill. Column on the right, ironically, is the Republican NO vote.

Yes: 24 Republicans
Rep. Dwayne Alons
Rep. Richard Anderson
Rep. Mark Brandenburg (paired with Hanusa)
Rep. Royd E. Chambers
Rep. Betty R. DeBoef (paired with Klein)
Rep. Cecil Dolecheck
Rep. Joel Fry
Rep. Pat Grassley (paired with Sweeney)
Rep. Chris Hagenow
Rep. Bob Hager
Rep. Ron Jorgensen
Rep. Jared Klein (paired with DeBoef)
Rep. Kevin Koester
Rep. Brian Moore
Rep. Glen Massie
Rep. Dan Muhlbauer (D)
Rep. Kim Pearson
Rep. Dawn Pettengill
Rep. Walt Rogers
Rep. Jason Schultz
Rep. Tom Shaw (paired with Tjepkes)
Rep. Jeff Smith
Rep. Chuck Soderberg
Rep. Annette Sweeney (paired with Grassley)
Rep. Jeremy Taylor

No: 33 Republicans
Rep. Rich Arnold
Rep. Chip Baltimore
Rep. Clel Baudler
Rep. Josh Byrnes
Rep. Peter Cownie
Rep. Dave Deyoe
Rep. Jack Drake
Rep. Greg Forristall
Rep. Mary Ann Hanusa (paired with Brandenburg)
Rep. Dave Heaton
Rep. Lee Hein
Rep. Erik Helland
Rep. Lance Horbach (retiring)
Rep. Stewart Iverson
Rep. Jeff Kaufmann
Rep. Mark Lofgren
Rep. Steven Lukan
Rep. Linda Miller
Rep. Steven Olson
Rep. Kraig Paulsen
Rep. Ross Paustian
Rep. Scott Raecker
Rep. Dan Rasmussen
Rep. Henry Rayhons
Rep. Thomas Sands
Rep. Dave Tjepkes (pair with Shaw)
Rep. Linda Upmeyer
Rep. Jim Van Engelenhoven (retiring)
Rep. Guy Vander Linden
Rep. Nick Wagner
Rep. Matt Windschitl
Rep. Gary Worthan

Also noted: Third Democrat to announce in House 36 is Marti Anderson, former director of the Crime Victim Assistance Division of the Attorney General’s Office in the Iowa Department of Justice. Spouse alert: married to Bob Brammer, longtime spokesperson at AG's office. Between the two, that Tom Miller endorsement should be forthcoming. But now that there are three, we're in that zone where the 35% requirement for a nomination matters. If no one gets it, the Dems go to convention. All the more reason to stay in your own party's caucus, Beaverdale...

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