Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thursday Clips

Thursday Clips

Two sets of candidate news today: the filing deadline for most cities and the Republican nominating convention in the Battle of Marion.

In the former, Coralville is set for a contested mayor's race: "Jim Fausett has faced competition at different points in his 15 years as mayor of Coralville but probably none he knows as well as his current opponent. Coralville City Councilor John Weihe filed his nomination papers to run for mayor Tuesday."

In the latter, GOP blogger Shane Vander Hart gives the edge to Democrats: "None of the three declared GOP candidates has even remotely close to the same name recognition that Mathis has, and that plays in her favor with the short time frame before the November 8th election."

Check back tonight and tomorrow for more on those. And in a routine re-elect announcement, Burlington's Tom Courtney is going for another term in solidly Democratic Senate District 44.

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