Thursday, October 06, 2011

Hacker Update

1337 h4x0r upd8

Day 11 of the hacked layout: From the Google/Blogger support forum, fellow hackee pearlanddaisy writes:
I searched the name on the hijacker's digital calling card left on @jdeeth's blog and came up with 35,000 plus hits - all of the ones I looked at had similar "calling cards" and some long diatribe about terrorists. I had wondered why most of the blogs on "asker's" profile were political and turns out, this guy sees himself as some kind of hero fighting American (and other) "terrorists". He is a true menace to the web and perhaps beyond.

I found this news item (translated from Turkish)
'Turkish hacker Huseyin Gazi' written by the text, "Those who betray the ground eating bread, bread eaten places around the projectile. World terrorists supporting and supplying the U.S. behind closed doors, the world's greatest terrorist country" includes expressions.
How are you gentlemen! All your blog are belong to us!

So I'm still on hold waiting for the uber-uber-ubertechie to stop by.

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