Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Salmon Announces in House 63

GOP's Salmon Announces in House District 63

Open House District 63 has its first Republican candidate. Home schooler Sandy Salmon of Janesville has just announced:
I am a wife and mother who loves God, my family, my state, and my country! I am a pro-life, pro-family, constitutional and fiscal conservative.

I carry in my heart a vision for the future of my state and nation. It is one where liberty is abundant, government is limited, God-given rights are defended, and the Constitution and the rule of law are respected.
So that gives you the flavor. Salmon's site emphasizes the primary date, so I'm guessing she expects one. Bleeding Heartland reminds us that Salmon finished third in a three way primary in 2010.

Democrats have recruited strongest possible candidate Bill Heckroth, a former senator who lost in last year's toxic climate to Bill "I will also be calling for a leadership election" Dix.

The seat had an April GOP registration edge of 1170. Challenging, but better than the Senate turf where Heckroth won in 2006. 80% of the turf is an undivided Bremer County. The balance is parts of northern Black Hawk.

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