Thursday, October 27, 2011

Two Options For Dems

By coincidence I see two non-Obama caucus related items in one day.

The first is just plain monkeywrenching:
Anti-abortion activist Randall Terry is bringing his campaign for president to Iowa, including a stop this morning in front of City Hall in downtown Cedar Rapids.

Terry doesn’t expect to win the Democratic nomination.

“He’s not delusional,” a spokesman said.

Instead, he’s hoping to mobilize caucus-going prolife Catholics and evangelicals to send a message to the president.

Some say his real goal is not to win the caucuses, but air an ad showing graphic images of aborted fetuses during the Feb. 5 Super Bowl. Broadcasters are allowed under federal law to refuse advertisements unless they are being run by candidates seeking public office.

However, now that the caucuses have been moved from Feb. 6 to Jan. 3, that strategy seems, well, outdated.

The other comes from UI histroy prof Jeff cox. While I don't support it, is at least comprehensible:
Join the campaign to stand up for peace at the Iowa caucuses! The Iowa Healthcare not Warfare Caucus Campaign is organizing Iowans to attend the January 3 Democratic caucuses and support the election of uncommitted delegates. Although uncommitted to any presidential candidate, the delegates will be committed to (1) bringing all of our troops home from Afghanistan during the first year of President Obama's re-election, and (2) extending universal health care (Medicare
for All) to all Americans during President Obama's second term.
Note the dual references to "second Obama term" - uncommitted Democrats are going to get on board.

Not necessarily the CCI crowd that has co-opted Occupy Des Moines: GOP state rep. Chris Hagenow twittered yesterday that several of thems addresses the Westside Conservative Club at the Machine Shed Restaurant. David "I love getting arrested" Goodner is quoted as saying: "Occupy DSM is the third party candidate in the 2012 election." And a Judy Lonning says : "At this point I won't be voting for Obama" and "I hope that the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street can join together." Again, this isn'y an OCCUPY criticism, it's a critique of the confrontational approach in Des Moines.

But back to the uncommitted Dems: Remember, if you're a Republican For A Day like Ed FAllon suggests, your protest vote is buried in the GOP mix and you give up your seat at the Democratic platform table and at any special nominating conventions.

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