Friday, November 18, 2011

Dawson Tries Again In House 14

We may have another Iowa House rematch, but a redistricting pairup makes it a bit uncertain.

Democrat Dave Dawson has announced a second try in House District 14, in west Sioux City. He lost a similar district by about 600 votes to Jeremy Taylor in 2010; the seat had been held by Democrat Wesley Whitead before that.

But the minimal line changes shifted Taylor into the east side House District 13, held by freshman Democrat Chris Hall. Hall, one of a very few Democratic freshmen, took over from fellow Democrat Roger Wendt, who retired in ill health and passed away earlier this year.

14 is slightly more Democratic (D + 1976 registration in April, vs. D + 848 for District 13). The registration margins overstate Democratic strength since Woodbury County is historically among the lowest turnout parts of the state. With Dawson running in 14 we can infer that Hall is staying in 13. Taylor has a tough battle either way: move to 14 and get a rematch, or stay in 13 for a two incumbent race.

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