Saturday, November 05, 2011

Last Minute Endorsements

The Gazette gets one right, backing Raj Patel and Matt Hayek; earlier they'd backed Rick Dobyns in District A.

Regular readers know my endorsements: Soboroff, Throgmorton, and Patel and anyone but Payne. The Press-Citizen pages have been full of letters to the editor. Suggestion to the P-C for layout: The NAME is more important for the headline than the actual content. I dug through them all anyway. Several of note:

  • Dave and Lynnette Jacoby for Mitch Gross and Jill Dodds for Coralville City Council. School board member Tuyet Dorau also endorses Gross, as does the NFL's Nate Kaeding.

  • Outgoing city council member Mike Wright (a vote I regret) is for Hayek and Dobyns.

  • Former mayor John Balmer gets a second letter for Michelle Payne, (he had one in the primary)and throws Hayek in for good measure. None of this "Vote ONLY For" stuff on the Old Guard side. Based on this letter and a couple others, the anti-student code word (along with the usual "life-long resident" applied to Hayek) is "maturity."

  • Democratic Party vice chair Mike Carberry lays out the case against Mid-American and Payne, and backs Hayek and Patel.

  • North Liberty council member Gerry Kuhl (not up this year) endorses no on the ward issue

    Voting this weekend: today at the Iowa City library, tomorrow 11 to 5 at all the Hy-Vees.
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