Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Politics In Stereo

The Deeth Blog has picked up a new affiliation with Politics in Stereo, spearheaded by Nathan Gonzales of the Rothenberg Political Report:
Politics in Stereo is the place to get state-based political news from the Left, the Right, and non-partisan sources, all in one place. We’re launching with five states (Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Florida, and Nevada) and building out the rest of the country next year.
This isn't a job thing like the late great Iowa Independent was; I just keep doing what I've been doing for the last nine years and get some link love and some traffic. So hello, national readers. You should also check out Bleeding Heartland and Blog For Iowa, and glance over at the right channel of the Stereo mix for TheIowaRepublican. Balanced in the middle is my Pied-à-terre in the mainstream media, the Register.

(While we're using audio metaphors, congrats to my bro Jeff Deeth for his latest credit: sound work on the new U2 film From The Sky Down)

And a always happens anytime I get national traffic from a new source, I get writers blocked or (in this case) busy so I have little to offer but The Clip Show:

  • Tuesday night I spoke about caucus process to some uncommitted Democrats (I'm staying with the presidnet myself) and Ron Paul Republicans. There was some... venting, and I responded by asking "where's the primary challenger, then?"

    Well the answer, noted at the end of this piece that puffs up the bubble of Americans Elect, is that there's no base for a challenge:
    “[Obama] has a much more solid base of support than either Romney or Gingrich would have,” Jensen told TPM. “Only about 35% of voters like either of them, but Obama’s absolute worst case scenario would be something like 45% of the vote…if the opposition to him gets split in any meaningful way between two other candidates he gets reelected and probably with a huge number of electoral votes.”

    This helps explain why there hasn’t been a serious primary challenge on the Democratic side.

    So unless something changes dramatically for Obama’s left flank, it’s all really that simple — Democrats are united behind the president, while Gingrich and Romney each have a major chunk of Republican-leaning voters that would consider a protest vote if one became available.

  • Perennial candidate Steve Rathje, loser of GOP primaries in 2008 and 2010, quits the 2nd CD race against Bruce Braley.

  • Is Mitt the Hillary of 2012? Well, much like Clinton, he doesn't seem to get the caucuses.

  • Republican readers - especially female Republican readers - what do you think of THIS from Kos:
    Molly Gordon should be a Michele Bachmann supporter. But in a cruel, ironic twist of fate, the very voters to whom Michele should have the most appeal—the uber-conservative uber-evangelicals—are the exact same voters who believe, as Molly Gordon does, that a woman doesn't have what it takes to be president.

    The reality is, despite all that Mama Grizzly nonsense, Republicans really don't want to send a woman to do what they firmly believe is a man's job. Which is why (among the many other reasons), neither Michele, nor any Republican woman, will ever get anywhere near the White House.
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