Monday, January 23, 2012

Obama Cedar Rapids Event Details Announced

President Obama's post-State Of The Union visit to Cedar Rapids Wednesday is going to be less pep rally and more hard-hat and safety goggles trip: a tour of Conveyor Engineering & Manufacturing near the airport. They make what looks like, technical term here, big stuff.

So the audience is sort of Iowa -- we're looking like a swing state again this cycle -- but it's really more for the national TV cameras. It's employees and invited guests only, but then noon Wednesday isn't a very rally-friendly time.

Iowans wanting to see Obama speak should instead stop by a State Of The Union watch parties Tuesday night. It's a chance to gather in a room full of Democrats and watch the President on TV. You know, kinda like caucus night.

The Iowa City event is at that old Democratic standby, The Mill. Given the next day's stop, expect a meat and potatoes, jobs jobs jobs speech.

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Sick of Spin said...

The King's speech will be a campaign speech, not a true state of the union. He can't give a good state of the union address because his record sucks. We'll hear more class warfare rhetoric, the camera will pan over the Warren Buffet's secretary, and then Obama will issue that lie again about how Warren's secretary pays more in taxes that Buffet does.