Tuesday, January 31, 2012

You Broke The Rules

As we wait for tonight's election returns from Florida, let us not forget that Iowa caucus night is supposed to be next week, on February 6. But Florida, of course, had to go ahead AGAIN and break the rules agreed on by both parties, and jump ahead to today. So that's why we got stuck caucusing in the middle of Christmas break, in old precincts instead of new, in order to keep our first place in line that both parties agreed to.

And Florida's punishment is... oh yeah, right: hosting the Republican National Convention.

Yes, Florida, You Broke The Rules, and Jack Black suggests your proper depilatory punishment (SFW version, if you want the original go here):

Of course, they'd just say thanks for the bikini wax and head to the beach anyway, but at least it would hurt for a little while.

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