Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Tuesday Clip Show

  • Fun factoids about today's primary and caucus states, including a reference to the Hunter Thompson Freak Power Campaign!

  • Smart Politics reports that Walker Fatigue in Wisconsin may be a factor in Packerland having the lowest per capita donations to the 2012 GOP field.

  • First GOP candidate emerges in open Urbandale House 40 where Scott Racker is retiring: fitness club owner Mike Brown.

    (Note to candidates: if your candidacy was made public weeks or months ago, the Deeth Blog ain't running the "announcement" press release. Brown isn't guilty, but there have been a rash of these in the past week. Nor will I run any "announcements" made after candidate filing, except to deride the practice. Don't worry, you'll get your second mentions in the comprehensive roundup.)

  • Finally, Kevin Hall at The Iowa Republican has a must-read on post-caucus fallout at the Lee County GOP central committee. That's the county where four of the eight "missing" precincts were from.
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