Monday, March 26, 2012

Not Knocking Them Dead In Davenport

Even leaving the problematic nomination papers out of it, the Joe Seng for Congress campaign is off to a rough start in Scott County. Check this QC Times piece for all sorts of non-support:
Still, a primary challenge can sour fellow Democrats, which could affect his future. Tom Engelmann, who has been Seng’s campaign treasurer for years, said he’s supporting Loebsack in the primary and turned down a request to be Seng’s treasurer.

Asked whether he would continue to be the treasurer for his state campaign, Engelmann says: “I don’t know what two years is going to bring. A lot depends on what happens between now and June.”
Seng also doubles down on his anti-choice position.

What else we got here:

  • Smart Politics reminds us of the Iowa-Mississippi No Women in Congress thing. Look to the bottom of the table. (Note: ND had a female senator, VT and DE had women as governor, and Alaska has has both a senator and, you may have heard, a governor.)

  • See, this is one of the things I hate about the objective paradigm in journalist: Journalists are expected to give up basic rights on their own time. Gannett is bent out of shape because some of their Wisconsin employees signed the Scott Walker recall petitions.

  • Local version of Million Hoodie March: 6:30 Ped Mall.
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