Friday, March 09, 2012

Week Two of Filing Ends

The slowest day yet for filing, with just four candidates turning in papers on a day with the legislature back home.

It was so slow that we'll start with a non-filing announcement in House District 75 from businesswoman Sandra Cronbaugh, a Marengo Democrat. Democrats took over the Benton County based seat in 2004, but lost it in 2007 when Dawn Pettingill switched over to the Republicans on the last day of session. Needless to say the Dems would really like this one back.

No filing at all in the Senate today, and three previously expected open seat House candidates.

Spencer Republican minister Josh Davenport made it official in House District 2. Davenport has a primary against Megan Hess; winner sees Democrat Steve Bomgaars.

Marti Anderson of Des Moines joins the field in open House District 36, the seat Janet Petersen is leaving for the Senate. Care Kennedy-Ode is filed, William Rock is announced, other names are mentioned. Winner is a heavy favorite over Some Dude Republican Larry Steele.

Urbandale Democrat John Forbes filed in open House District 40, where Republican Scott Raecker is retiring. Mike Brown is the only name I've heard from the GOP side.

And in our Routine Incumbent Announcement Of The Day, we have Ako Abdul-Samad, D-Des Moines, in House District 35. No other names mentioned, so Ako may be on track for his first uncontested primary since taking over for Ed Fallon in 2006.

Look for the pace to pick up Monday as late-starters get their papers passed around at county conventions. The big surprises start on about Wednesday...

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