Thursday, May 31, 2012

Last Day of Roosevelt: A Student Speaks

Today is the last day for our school, Roosevelt Elementary. We had sixth grade graduation yesterday and our son Hayden was chosen to speak. He's writing better than I am these days so I'm turning the space over to him today.

Throughout my years at Roosevelt, I've had a lot of fun. Fun traditions filled our school. As this is the last year, I am honored to write one of the last graduation speeches for Roosevelt.

I have some advice for 5th graders, for both next year and the year after that, practice the locker combination. Also, for School Of The Wild wear jeans to avoid getting moss and other living things on you.

Now on to the 6th graders. We have one day left in elementary school, use it wisely; make sure it is well spent because after this no more recess.

Try your best next year and it will pay off. Next year is a whole lot more confusing for both 5th and 6th; we only have 2-3 years left until high school, which is even more complicated. Use your last minutes of childhood wisely or else you'll want to relive it over and it will haunt you forever.

As I'm graduating I soon hope to become a scholar. I then want to then learn different languages such as Spanish, German, French, Korean, and maybe even Japanese. I also then hope to learn Latin, which is one of the many languages that helped invent English.

We are the last graduating class of Roosevelt. We shall embrace it, because in the five years I've been here it's been far better than my old school in Missouri.

From the Apple Orchard, to the Wax Museum, this school has been a lot of fun. All paid for by our PTO which is so kind and generous. We all need to make Roosevelt proud by trying out best to succeed. We are the Road Runners.

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