Saturday, July 07, 2012

Archer Attends Fundraiser With Loebsack

Dave Loebsack's appearance at a West Liberty fundraiser was so successful, even John Archer showed up.

"I'm the first, so I have seniority," said John Archer, a West Liberty Democrat who ran for the Iowa House in 2010.

Loebsack didn't have any praise for the junior John Archer, his Republican opponent, "All you have to do is look at the Ryan Republican budget, and that'll tell you what they're going to do," said Loebsack. "And my Republican opponent has said the Ryan Republican budget is a good thing. I am never going to support voucherizing Medicare."

The congressman was in West Liberty for a fundraiser for House District 88 candidate Sara Sedlacek, who's challenging five term Republican Tom Sands of Wapello.

"Sara's in a heck of a lot better position that I was at this time in 2006," said Loebsack. "And the Iowa House Republicans are making her job easier."

The seat is particulary close to my heart as the descendant of the seat I tried for several cycles ago: Louisa County plus the outlying areas of Muscatine and Des Moines counties.

"If you don't have a job opportunity, the chances of you staying in rural Iowa are pretty slim," said Sedlacek, who credits growing up with her extended family nearby for much of her success.

Sedlacek also hopes to expand educational opportunities in the district. "No more demonizing our teachers. Cookie cutter classrooms aren't working."

Other folks on hand included Senators Tom Courtney and Bob Dvorsky and House 91 candidate John Dabeet, and several veterans of my old crew who are already helping Sara; I can never thank Don Paulson, Don Foor and Frank Best enough.

House 88 (formerly 87) has gotten more Democratic in the new map. The road back to the majority definitely runs through West Liberty; at the last District of the Day update this was district number 50 out of 100 in D vs. R registration.

And if you missed it but still want to help out a House Democrat, the road to the majority also runs through Solon: 
Join Dick Schwab and his special guest, Iowa House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, for an afternoon fundraiser at the Celebration Farm near Solon on Sunday, July 8, from 2 until 4 p.m. The event will kick off the Schwab for House general election campaign.

Local singer/songwriter Dave Moore will perform and light refreshments will be served. There will be some speeches and a lot of fun.

A contribution to Schwab for House in any amount would be appreciated. Suggested contribution for the event is $40. 

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