Monday, July 16, 2012

MSNBC Reboots

It's been just an acronym for so long that I forget sometimes that the MS in MSNBC stands for (shudder) Microsoft.

But that is no more as the news network has gone all Blue Screen Of Death on a relationship that dates back to the Windows 95 era. Or, as we said back then, It Is Now Safe To Turn Off Your Computer.

This leaves NBC with lots of new opportunities. I'm hoping for the launch of LinuxNBC, because someday someone will have to come up with a journalism business model that gives away the product for free, and if anyone can do that it's the Linux geeks. They will, however, expect you to build your own cable box. (Again, if anyone can do that...) It would also allow them to set up a huge network of slightly different channels: NBCbuntu, NBC Mint, DebiaNBC, Red Hat NBC...

Somehow I think iNBC would be more likely. You won't be allowed to change the channel, but hey! prettier colors.

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