Sunday, July 29, 2012

Two more GOP conventions

Well, the Republicans have finally called that special convention to replace united States Senator Randy-Kaye: Shannon on the ballot against Liz Mathis in Senate District 34, and as a bonus they threw in a Linn County House district. Same night, Monday,August 6.

The new GOP target, if you can call it that, is House 70, a solid Democratic seat on the southwest side held since 1995 by Todd Taylor. His 58% in 2010 was probably the low mark for Democrats, but you shouldn't say "low water" because this turf includes the most flood-devastated parts of town.

As for Senate 34, we still haven't heard any name other than Ryan Flood, who was campaign manager for the seceded Shannon ans who lives who knows where. You wonder why party chair A.J. Spiker is even calling a convention to select such a flawed figure... oh, right, Flood was a Paulbot organizer.

As the fall filing period opens tomorrow, word is that Democrats have at least one special convention in the works.

Also worth noting: Looking at Mitt Romney's Euro-gaffes, specifically Mitt's profession of disinterest in his wife's Olympic horse, Nick Chiles hits a key point:
Americans don’t hate rich guys, Americans hate liars. Rich guys trying to pretend they aren’t rich, acting like they are the same as the rest of us. That’s being fake, a fraud, and we can spot it from a mile away. We don’t want the existence of your money thrown in our face, but if we don’t see it we’re not going to forget it’s there.

(New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg)  doesn’t seem to mind if you know that he happens to be a billionaire. He doesn’t try to hide it—like some people I know. If Bloomberg wants to spend his leisure time at the Metropolitan Opera or the New York City Ballet, he’s gonna go to the opera and ballet. He’s not going to pretend he’d rather be at a Knicks game—you know, like regular guys.

Something tells me that if Romney were mayor of New York, he’d sneak into the opera wearing a fake nose and a mustache—while the next day we’d see him front and center at the Rangers hockey game, clutching a beer he doesn’t really want to drink.

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Mayor Fritz said...

Good point about rich guys. John Kerry was the same way. I remember him dropping a "y'all" or something like that. It is fake, and people saw through it.

I think Bachmann flamed out in Iowa, because she tried faking being an Iowan. I agree with her on various positions politically. But she was a big phony, and I cannot support such stuff. Be who you are.

Voters really like "everyman" kind of politicians and will walk thru walls if they agree with their politics, be it Bill Clinton or Sarah Palin.

George HW Bush didn't run from his money, though maybe time makes me forget.