Thursday, August 09, 2012

Longest. Ballot. Ever.

No candidate update from the Iowa Secretary of State today but we do have news from Colorado, where filing just closed. Ballot Access News reports: "This year, Colorado will have seventeen presidential candidates listed on its ballot, the highest number of presidential candidates on a general election in U.S. history."

The epic length ballot includes four different "socialist" candidates, not even counting Obama. However the pride of Ames, Jerry Litzel, is not listed among the magnificent seventeen.

Iowa came close to this length in 1992 when we saw 14 names on the presidential ballot.

Still, for my money, you'll never top the KahleeFORNia Total Recall in 2003, in vhich AHnold vas on ein ballot mit 135 candidates in a semi-random-shuffle order. The filing deadline was nine years ago today. My favorite part is the write-in line after all 135 names. Gee, I didn't like any of them.

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