Thursday, September 06, 2012

Democratic Convention Night 3

Great show. Can't wait to see it live tomorrow in my home town (unfortunately, without the Foo Fighters). Watched most of the night's proceedings at a Democratic watch party so I didn't catch every speech or every comment. The hour is late so I'll just compile the best of my tweets and retweets. I started the evening at home with John Lewis and his eloquent defense of voting rights.

@suedvorsky @ZachWahls is the son of all of us in #Iowa. Could you be any more proud??? #NO! #DNC2012

@johndeeth Win: Foo Fighters sign with Obama logos in FOO

@johndeeth Member of Nirvana plays DNC. We've come a long way since Tipper Gore

@nathanlgonzales Acoustic? I thought democrats could handle electric guitars. #DNC2012 #foofighters

@johndeeth @nathanlgonzales Should played "Monkey Wrench" cranked to 11

(At this point I left for the party and arrived having just missed Gabby Giffords do the Pledge of Allegiance.)

@HuffPostHill Giffords just won the Gabby v. Gabby Pledge of Allegiance Showdown. Sorry, Gabby Douglas.

@grantyoung72 Hahahahahaha. FoxNews goes to commercial during the Crist speech.

(John Kerry speaks) ‏@johndeeth Hey I remember this guy from like 8 yrs ago

@johndeeth In alternate universe this is Kerry's lame duck convention

@johndeeth In another alternate universe this is Howard Dean's lame duck convention #YEEEEEEAH‏

@greghauenstein @johndeeth Or Edwards... *shudder*

@johndeeth @greghauenstein who?

@johndeeth Audition speech for secretary of state

@TheFix If John Kerry is picked as next Sec of State, there would be an amazingly competitive special election to replace him. #dnc2012

@johndeeth Crowd at Gus' has been chatty but getting attentive for Kerry

@dailykos Even our boring guys are more interesting than Mitt Romney.

@aburnspolitico Funny how some people become better politicians after they're not candidates anymore

@TheOnion Rising Star John Kerry's Stirring Speech Paves Way For 2016 Presidential Run

@jeffzeleny Kerry comes equipped with a quiver of very sharp lines. It's clear he has Romney in his head: He's playing Romney in debate prep with Obama.

@ravenb John Kerry just retroactively won the 2004 election. #dnc2012

@johndeeth Almost time for @JoeBiden I never got the bashing. Any caucus vet will tell you the man is brilliant

@JoeBiden 's only flaw is an excess of heart, and that's a good flaw to have

@AdamBSullivan BREAKING: Barack Obama endorses Joe Biden for vice president. #dnc2012

@BuzzFeedAndrew "Joe Biden is already off his prepared remarks." #dnc2012

@johndeeth Settle in, @JoeBiden is talking. We'll be here a while

@johndeeth Three words not heard this convention: Nobel Peace Prize

@johndeeth "A job is about a lot more than a paycheck. It’s about dignity. It’s about respect."

@LarrySabato Uh-oh--Bill's speech has given Biden the green light to veer off the script and ad-lib.

@johndeeth Skip the videos, I want a Foo Fighters encore

@johndeeth And "City of Blinding Lights" returns

@johndeeth @JoeBiden you do have to go to school tomorrow

@TheFix The Obama comments about smallness of politics and huge # of campaign ads aimed squarely at independents. #dnc2012

@johndeeth President sticking muuuch closer to script than Biden, Clinton

@TheFix Just once, I want a politician to cite a company in a non-swing state. I have a feeling I will be waiting forever. #dnc2012

@BuzzFeedBen Climate talk — almost totally absent for a couple of years — one of the biggest applause lines here.

@RogerJStoneJr FOUR MORE YEARS ! I feel like I am In Miami Beach in 1972 #Nixon'stheone!

@chucktodd Has every Romney reference in this speech been part of a punch line ?

@maggiepolitico Lotta people not clapping when Obama mentions Israel

@johndeeth Bill Clinton arithmetic reference not in script

@johndeeth Text said "Google" not "Steve Jobs" more proof POTUS is a Mac fanboy

@johndeeth "little girl in Phoenix" AZ still in play?

@mattyglesias This is the speech you give when you think you're winning and just want to avoid screwing up.

@johndeeth Officiallly rolling into local news time
(but just barely it turned out)

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