Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Democratic Convention Night Two

Tonight's winners: Bill Clinton. Losers: Everyone else who gave a speech and anybody other than Hillary thinking about 2016.  Watching that speech was like watching Michael Jordan in the finals. If it weren't for the 22nd Amendment he's be running for his sixth term now. Attention Clint Eastwood: THIS is how you go off script.

Had to look back at the notes and tweets to remember anything that happened before the Big Dog hit the stage. At that point, folks thought it was a bug deal that Sandra Fluck was moved to prime time, but the networks held off, correctly anticipating that Bill would run long. And Elizabeth Warren made a solid case for Obama and herself, but in a very, very different tone than Bill.

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In other news, Hillary wins the Timor-Leste primary. I still say the master plan is: she steps down mid-`13, writes another book, campaigns for every Democrat on the planet in `14, and the Restoration begins thereafter.

Also losing: platform geeks everywhere. Months of debating and nuancing squashed by one call from the White House.

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David Wise said...

Bill C. did have some competition for the top spot! Check out the video of Emanuel Cleaver-the chair of the Congressional Black Caucus. He was clearly the second best of the night!