Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Watch your down ballot

In yesterday's Press-Citizen, Barry Bender offers a backhanded endorsement from the left for President Obama. Your mileage may vary with the pay wall, but here's the nut:

The Democratic Party is committed to corporate capitalism as much as are the Republicans and Obama’s compromises have been sometimes dispiriting.

Many progressive lefties will look to parties like the Green Party to register their protest.
But while I also believe that America needs a progressive left party, I also look at the short run. And in the short run, a win by Romney/Ryan would continue the disaster of the Reagan/Bush era.

So here is my suggestion: Vote for the Democrats on the national level, but look at local candidacies for third party support.
It's an interesting point, and I'll admit to throwing a Green a bone in a not-so-contested downballot race (in addition to my Great Sin of 2000). Problem is, at least locally, it's not possible this year.

There are no Greens running in any of the 126 Iowa legislative races, and the only clear lefty in a congressional race is a Socialist Workers candidate in the 3rd CD. In general, if I could find any info on an independent legislative candidate, they turned out to be of the right.

In eastern Iowa, independent 2nd District congressional candidate Alan Aversa, in addition to still claiming an Arizona address (what up with that?) is listed at "Tea Party Cheer" and chaired Arizona Students For Life. He was petitioning side by side with Constitution Party candidate Virgil Goode.

The only other independents on the local ballot are in the supervisor race. John Etheredge is a registred Republican (there are no official Republican candidates on the ballot for any of the courthouse jobs.) David Fesler is a recently registered Democrat, but voted in the June GOP primary and is married to prominent local Republican activist Karen Fesler. They're both nice folks, but just know what you're getting.

So lefties, it looks pretty clear that top to bottom, the progressive choice is a straight Democratic ticket. And don't forget the back of the ballot.

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