Monday, October 29, 2012

Headline of the year

Still tow months to go but the Muscatine Journal gets my vote for headline of the year for this report on Bob Dvorsky's campaign stop on behalf of Democratic Senate Cahdidate Chris Brase:

Dvorsky goal: Stop 'goofy legislation'

I say that should be our slogan for the final nine days. I'd make buttons with the obvious logo, the character crossed out Ghostbusters style, but Disney is notoriously harsh about its copyrights.

Speaking of Ghostbusters, and since I don't want to limit my cultural references to the 80s, you can totally dance Gangnam style to it:

Ballot Access News notes that 40% of the nation's state legislative races have only one major party candidate. Iowa is slightly more competitive than average. Leaving out the postponed Senate 22 race, 4 of 25 Senate seats have only a Republican. 31 of 100 House seats have only one major party candidate. There are also three Democrats who dropped out of House races too late to get off the ballot.

My conservative cohort Craig has a list of top House races at TheIowaRepublican. He could have elaborated more on the Democratic candidates, but it's his site, and the list itself is a good one. Besides, that's what a revisit to District of the Day is for, right? (Local note: Robinson has the House 77 Sally Stutsman-Steve Sherman race on the Safe D list, but is too ready to dismiss Sara Sedlacek against Tom Sands.)

And Iowa may have gotten rid of its rogue (candidate for) elector, but the issue is still popping up in other states, where the Paulistinians are being smarter and keeping their mouths shut.

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