Saturday, October 06, 2012

Legislative Roundup

A collection of clips from across the state on legislative campaigns this week:

Look 1 and Look 2 at the House 66 race, a rematch of 2008 where GOP Rep. Renee Schulte faces one term Dem Art Staed on turf that has moved to the Democrat's advantage.

This Patch profile mainly focuses on Democratic House 68 challenger Daniel Lundby but also  quotes GOP incumbent Nick Wagner.

A northeast corner forum with Senate 28 candidates John Beard (D) and Michael Breitbach (R) and House 55 Rep. Roger Thomas (D) and challenger Michael Klimesh (R), as well has local courthouse contenders.

Fort Madison saw a partial forum. The two House 83 candidates, Democratic incumbent Jerry Kearns and Republican James Steffen, were both on hand. In the open Senate 42 race, Republican Larry Kruse attended but Democrat Rich Taylor had a schedule conflict.

The QCTimes looks at House 94 where GOP Rep. Linda Miller faces her first ever Democratic challenger, Maria Bribriesco.

Bret Hayworth examines the only two incumbent House race in District 13, where Democrat Chris Hall and Republican Jeremy Taylor face off.

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Chris said...

I recently asked all the legislative candidates a series of questions about state education policy and its effect on day-to-day life in the public schools. The responses I've gotten are posted here.