Saturday, December 01, 2012

Family Feuds of 2016 And Beyond

This entertaining list of great family rivalries in American politics does NOT includes the Bushes and Clintons. Yet.

But with Hillary cracking jokes like this...
“Now we travel all over the world together and people say how excited they are to meet a potential future president of the United States, and of course they mean Jake,” she deadpanned to the crowd’s laughter. 
Note also that Madame Secretary is updating her position on marriage equality from Democratic Orthodoxy Circa 2006 to Democratic Orthodoxy Circa 2013:
But according to two sources, Clinton's aides have privately indicated to people that she will end up where her husband and daughter, Chelsea, have emerged on the issue - in favor of same-sex nuptials.
Her circle has "indicated privately that she feels like ... because of her role as the country's chief diplomat that it was appropriate for her to stay out of this" over the last two years, said one source, who added that the message was also that as soon as she's left Foggy Bottom "and she's given the right opportunity, that she will end up with the rest of her clan."
Update: even more tea leaves forming a Hillary 16 in the bottom of the cup.

Look for the resignation and the John Kerry confirmation soon after the first of the year. (Anyone else think the Susan Rice bashing is less about Benghazi and more about Republicans think Scott Brown can win a Massachusetts senate special election?)

Then the Hillary book comes out by Christmas with the book tour soon to follow. 2014 is spent campaigning for various Democrats across the country, probably with special emphasis on Christie Vilsack for Iowa Governor and the re-election of New Hampshire Sen. Jean Shaheen. Meanwhile, Jeb Bush keeps making his moves...

So by 2036 we see New York Governor Chelsea Clinton and Senator George P. Bush of Texas face off. Maybe Chelsea will be taking questions from the press by then.

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