Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Latest House 52 Developments

A surprise last night at the Democratic convention in House District 52, as Assistant Floyd County Attorney Todd Prichard of Charles City won the nomination for the January 22 hurry-up special election.

News of Prichard's candidacy first popped up Monday afternoon. In contrast, retired teacher and coach Tom Sauser had announced immediately after just re-elected Democratic Rep. Brian Quirk resigned, and was Quirk's choice for the seat. UPDATE: Bleeding Heartland has the details.

Republicans have set their convention for December 19 and there will be a contest. The first name in was Dan Fueling of New Hampton, who's touting a Terry Branstad nod.

"Don’t be surprised to see a handpicked 'liberty' candidate jump in as well," opined Kevin Hall, but the second candidate doesn't seem to be that guy. Dennis Litterer of rural Ionia has a background in ag and Farm Bureau and has served on the Nashua city council and school board. So my bet is Yet Another person emerges.

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