Friday, December 28, 2012

Stutsman's Sendoff

Standing room only yesterday at the Board of Supervisors, and for once it wasn't over a zoning fight.

Thursday was Sally Stutsman's  last formal meeting as a supervisor. Stutsman was elected to the Iowa House in November and will formally resign next week to get ready for the session, which starts January 14.

50 or 60 of us, mostly county employees, packed the Board room for a half hour or so of tributes. It was unannounced, but chair Rod Sullivan conceded that Stutsman "might have figured something was up."

Gazette and PC have quotes and pix. I'd add: I've researched Board history and Sally is the only supervisor elected five times since terms went to four years in the early 70s, and her 18 year tenure is the longest since at least 1946, which is as far back as I went. Also to clear up a common point of confusion: what the post office calls a "Riverside" address, you and I would describe as "rural Hills."

If you miissed it, the county is hosting a more cakey punchy type farewell on Thursday January 10 from 3 to 5. (corrected date)

Once her resignation is official, the formal process of filling Stutsman's chair begins. That's decided by a "statutory committee" of Treasurer Tom Kriz, Recorder Kim Painter, and new Auditor Travis Weipert (who gets sworn in 8:30 Wednesday, January 2). They can appoint a successor or call a special election.

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