Wednesday, January 23, 2013

An Iowa Political Writer's Prayer

Biden at the Hamburg Inn, with a sugar shaker representing the billions of dollars in the health care economy. You had to be there.

Please, Lord, let Joe Biden run for president again. No one was more fun to cover. Back in the Iowa Independent glory days, we used to scrap over who got to cover Joe, even when he was in the 1 percent zone, because you never knew what he was going to say but you knew it would be interesting. Winner got Biden, loser got third Bill Clinton event of the week.

This prayer may well be answered... but somehow I don't expect both the VP and the departing Secretary of State to run. Very noteworthy that just before departing, Hillary has finally paid off the campaign debt. Not sure who's happier: overpaid consultant Mark Penn, or Hy-Vee's catering division. Admit it, you stopped and ate a Clinton sandwich on your way to the Obama or Edwards corner of the room. (Admit it, you went to the Edwards corner of the room.)

Clinton 42 and Clinton 45 are also welcome back, and Hillary starts with a big edge over Joe. But that's what we said in 2005, too. Friendly advice: This time, you need to do it the Iowa way.

It could also be fun just to keep Biden as vice president forever. He could be 100 years old and still washing his Trans-Am in the driveway during the Malia Obama Administration.

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