Monday, January 28, 2013

Other Than That, Tyler Olson, How Was Your First Day On The Job?

Here's some items you almost certainly missed over the weekend.

The most concise summary yet of the 3 tensions that are breaking apart the Republican Party:
1. Libertarians vs. social conservatives
2. Right wing populists vs. the pro-business crowd
3. Deficit reduction hawks vs. small government activists
Could have added Neocons vs. Neo-isolationists, but the "non-interventionists" overlap a lot with the libertarians.

Three more bullet points to address the gerrymandering of the electoral college -- still out there, but it appeard to be dying a deserved death from its own foul stench.

A colorful look at ballots in other countries and some of the reasons they may not work as well in the US. Interesting how many are wordless and incorporate pictures for illiterate voters.

And the worst idea yet to come out of the Harkin retirement from India America Today, making the case for... Swati Dandekar?!? Which party? Smoke is still billowing from all the bridges she burned.

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