Friday, January 04, 2013

Tune In Today for Presidential Election Results!

That's right, today is the very last step of the presidential election process: the formal count of the electoral votes. Good thing, since New York just got done counting its popular vote. Yes. This week. Seems they had a buttload (legally defined as 126 gallons) of provisional ballots.

Joe Biden - the man they should have named this Amtrak station after - is expected to preside over his own re-election as vice president. Which is better than being Al "Jazeera" Gore announcing his own "defeat" (sic) in 2001.

So attention AJ Spiker (who faces his own election tomorrow): this morning is absolute, positive last call for Ron Paul Can Still Win.

Because Ron likes his precious metals (especially with his own face on them) I'm still wagering a Ron Paul Liberty trillion dollar platinum coin that the now EX-representative, who as his last act in 30-odd non-consecutive years of taxpayer funded public office skipped the fiscal cliff votes, gets an electoral vote.

Update: WRONG! Will be dining on beret tonight; accepting cooking suggestions.

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