Thursday, February 28, 2013

Dahms Gets Press-Citizen Endorsement

A very strong Terry Dahms endorsement in today's Press-Citizen: spells out how Terry is able to hit the ground running on day one as a supervisor while noting that Republican John Etheredge is, to put it politely, not ready for prime time. (Even some Republicans, while still backing Etheredge, are grumbling about his inaccessibility.)

The local Republicans are spamming the comments with the lie, repeated on one of the TV stations, that none of the supervisors are rural. This too conveniently dismisses Terry Dahms' and Pat Harney's rural residences. It also ignores the years of history showing no pattern of under-representation for rural residents on the Board of Supervisors.

Turnout this election is, frankly, pitiful. It's running at half the pace of the last supervisor special in January 2010. (Meanwhile, the Linn County gambling vote is looking like governor-level turnout.) The rumor mill says "this is a done deal" but that's not necessarily so. More chances to vote early remain; a four day run at the Iowa City Public Library starts today.

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