Monday, March 25, 2013

A Bracket For The Rest Of Us

I know jack about college basketball, but finally here's a bracket I know something about: MSNBC's Senate Madness!

Kentucky is a #1 seed here, and I don't mean Ashley Judd. Harvard definitely outshines Florida Gulf Coast... but my money's on Southwest Texas Teacher's College to win it all.

Ana Marie Cox has the Tweet Of The Day:
No, actually, we Iowa Democrats had it, if not on vinyl then at least on cassette single in our 1994 platform.

Yes, it seems pro-equality is the new Democratic orthodoxy, save for a dwindling handful of scaredy cat red-state senators on the 2014 ballot (and Mark Warner "coming out" today, with his seat up in `14, means Virginia is a blue state).

But before I get too confident, a cautionary tale: I remember when the ERA was an emerging consensus, too.

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