Tuesday, March 05, 2013

January 2, 2016 caucuses?

The most important Iowa political story you haven't heard yet:
A bill (has) been introduced in the Nevada legislature to create a new presidential primary in the Silver state and to hold it concurrently with the statewide primaries for state and local offices in January.
As we all know from that 70s smash iit "I'm Just A Bill Yes I'm Only A Bill", has been introduced does not equal is a law. But read on:
The bill would position the new presidential primary (and concurrent primaries for other state offices) on the Tuesday before the last Tuesday in January.

The Tuesday before the last Tuesday in January 2016 is January 19 (the date as it turns out of the 2008 Nevada caucuses). That provides Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina with a very small window of time in which to hold their respective contests.

South Carolina could hold its primary on Saturday, January 16. New Hampshire could, in turn, conduct a Tuesday, January 5 primary, leaving Iowa with very little room in which to have its caucuses. Realistically, a Saturday, January 2 caucus would be the only workable, post-New Years date left...
I can't even begin to go into the all kinds of bad that this is. Holiday weekend, schools locked up, the always contentious Jewish Sabbath issue, and of course insanely freaking early. Not to mention Iowa's playing with a very weak hand. The Iowa Republicans invented completely new ways to do things wrong in 2012, and the Democratic frontrunner has made no secret of her loathing of the caucus process.

There's a loooong way, and a huge off year, to go before we get to the inevitable date leapfrogging in the fall of 2015. But Iowans of both parties need to keep an eye on this, even this far out.

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