Monday, March 11, 2013

Reboot Week for JC Dems

The timing after last week's loss is coincidental, but may be apt:
Johnson County Democratic Central Committee
Thursday, March 14 - 7:00 p.m.
IC Comm. School Dist. - Board Room
Three meetings back-to-back: Tentative Agendas
1. Regular Central Committee - tentative agenda
a. Consider endorsement of Justice Center referendum vote - May 7
b. Consider donation to Iowa NEW Leadership lunch
c. May elect 2nd District Central Committee representatives
d. May elect JC Central Committee representatives

2. Reorganization meeting (beginning at 7:30 or when regular CC meeting adjourns, but not before 7:30)
Election of the following offices for the Central Committee:
a. Chair
b. 1st Vice Chair *
c. 2nd Vice Chair
d. Secretary
e. Treasurer
f. Finance (fund raising)
g. Data Management
h. Candidate Development
j. Public Relations

3. Off Year Caucus (beginning at 8:00 or when Reorganization adjourns but not before 8:00)
Agenda will be available at the meeting.
* Note to my GOP friends, this is what wecall a number two person rather than "co" chair.

Hope to see some new faces there. Unfortunately, are meetings can get deadly amendment to the amendment dull so please be patient and stick around for the issues discussion in the latter part of the evening.

What else we got here:

Another straight white male announces for Iowa congressional seat. My thoughts on that are on record. Come on, Iowa, don't let Kentucky show us up; Ashley Judd needs to be taken seriously.

Of course, the REALLY big election is the one in the Vatican, and to get you in the mood, let's finda da popes inna da pizza.

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