Saturday, April 20, 2013

My Backyard Neighbors Like To Party All Night

One thing about living in Iowa City: your neighbors are always moving and you always get new ones. And my latest neighbors like to stay up and party all night.

The Smallest Farm in Iowa -- my middle of town back yard -- is the scene for some serious Owl Love this spring. The two barred owls are giving each other dead things, which means it must be serious.

I've had owls in the backyard the last couple years but this is the first time I've gotten close enough to get really good pictures.

Here's hoping the owl babies stay close by and eat the rabbit babies who will otherwise eat the way behind schedule Smallest Farm. Whatever seeds I put in the ground two weeks ago are either flooded away or frozen -- were those snow flurries I say yesterday? The stuff I've started inside is doing well, too well, in fact, likely to be rootbound in their pots before they get in the ground, at this rate.

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