Monday, June 24, 2013

Addressing My Content Deficit

It's been almost a week since I've been inspired more than 140 characters, and a rumor started that I fell into the Admin Building Sinkhole. So I though I'd better regurgitate at least a clip post.

That big IRS "targeting" scandal? Never mind. Turns out the target was not right wingers, but ALL political groups trying to scam a tax-free status. In other words, the IRS was... doing its job.

A huge week in Mafia news. Tony Soprano knew where Jimmy Hoffa was buried, but took that secret to the grave. But they DID find another body at Jimmy the Gent's house. We have footage:

Another hilarious Iowa Some Dude announces for office. Personally I prefer Morris the Mexican write-in cat. I wrote in a cat once... then suffered for it by getting stuck counting all the write-in votes for a county-wide office with no candidate. Soil And Water Commissioer To Fill Vacancy, 2002.

Sadly there will be a similar To Fill Vacancy on the 2014 ballot. Ag Extension Board member Maynard Hebl was killed in a farm accident. He was also a Union ownship trustee so he was TWO elected officials, as those are two of the only offices you can hold simultaneously. The kind of longtime quiet community volunteer that local government thrives on.

Meanwhile at City Hall, 21 Bar is back for round three. Part of me wishes it wasn't, since I get pretty emotional about the issue, but if it's here I'm all in. Can't really improve much on what I wrote in October 2010. tl;dr version: an 18 year old is an adult.

And I haven't mentioned Linux Monday in a couple years: spent a chunk of weekend switching to Linux Mint 15. My son and I built a Mint 15 box out of spare parts a couple weekends ago when his laptop was off for repairs. He enjoyed it til the laptop came back and then forgot about it. I played some more and decided to upgrade from Linux Mint 12. No complaints and rave reviews.

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