Monday, June 17, 2013

Saddest Thing I Read Today

The second saddest thing I read today is buried in this Washington Post piece, How the immigration bill explains the Senate, in 10 anecdotes:
7. From “undocumented” to “illegal.” The current reform effort is in large part guided by where things went wrong in 2007. Case in point: Schumer’s decision to say “illegal immigrants” over ”undocumented workers.”
Schumer studied Kennedy's 2007 negotiations, and he thought he understood one reason that the bill failed. "I love Ted Kennedy," Schumer said. "He was my mentor and idol, but people got the feeling he wasn't tough on future waves of illegal immigration." Schumer said that Democrats are too cautious in their rhetoric. "When Ted Kennedy would say 'undocumented workers,' basic America--not the liberal side, but Middle America and conservatives--would say, 'He really doesn't think they're illegal.' I made a decision: I would have to keep saying 'illegal immigrants.'"
The saddest thing I read today? Comments on same article.

Not wanting to miss out on the fun, Our Own Steve King announced that he's having an all-day media event Wednesday along with - get this rogue's gallery - Michele Bachmann,  Louie Gohmert and Glenn Beck. They plan to "tak(e) turns defending the Rule of Law," the Kingworld dog-whistle code for mass deportation.

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