Friday, July 05, 2013

Here's how yesterday REALLY went

Based on my traffic count and Reddit karma I should switch this blog away from politics and toward Hollywood gossip. But since I've already snapped the one actual Iowa celebrity, I'll stick to what I know.

The A list stars of Iowa politics were in Coralville for the July 4 parade. Bruce Braley and Dave Loebsack shook hands most of the route yet managed to keep up with the parade crew of over 150. (Usually we develop an unseemly gap in mid-parade that stretched to about a block by the end.)

Also on hand, Iowa's next governor, pictured above at the post-parade party at Casa Dvorsky. The dual appearance of Tyler Olson, set to announce soon, and the already in Jack Hatch underscores Johnson County's importance in next year's primary. 

Secretary of State candidate Brad Anderson was also with us for Coralville, along with a loooong list of local candidates and electeds. Many more pix via Facebook; if you were there and want a particular shot let me know.

Rod Sullivan and Joe Bolkcom at the end of a very long day. After Coralville, the die-hards went to Oxford - which you all heard about - and Hills. The three parade honor roll (I think I have everyone): Janelle Rettig & Robin Butler, Rod Sullivan & Melissa Fath, John Stimmel,
Mary Mascher, Sally Stutsman (who covered Sharon Center while the rest of us were at Coralville), and Mike Carberry.

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