Friday, July 12, 2013

Labor, Treasurer Set Up Recycling Box

Something cool and useful to look at on your next trip to the county administration building: this box for recycling your old license plates.

It's modeled on a mail box, and located where the mail box used to be (that's been moved around the corner). You can drop your old plates off 24/7. You don't really need them in the garage, and if they get in the wrong hands they might be used for Bad Things.

Patrick Hughes, president of the Iowa City Federation of Labor, had been coming to the Admin Building for years to help recycle the old plates. He and Royce Peterson of the Carpenters union installed the box, which is decorated with some of the more colorful plates collected over the years. "Idaho - Famous Potatoes" is my favorite. Royce and Pat, and Treasurer Tom Kriz, deserve a hand for this.

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