Monday, August 26, 2013

Events This Week: August 26-September 2

I'm changing the format a bit for an eight-day week; will send the Beatles their royalties later.

Impossible to keep up with the candidate coffees anymore, as forum season starts:
The Friends of Community Inclusion would like to invite you to attend a forum with all nine candidates

The forum will take place on Monday, August 26th at 6pm at the Iowa City Public Library in Meeting Room A.

The moderated panel discussion will focus on the school district’s special education programs and issues related to our students working, living and learning in our community.

The intended audience includes families and teachers of special education students, disability-oriented service agencies and staff, and all community members invested in diversity and integration. The forum is open to the public.
Another forum: Thursday 7-9 pm by DPO and the Gazette at the School Board offices on North Dodge. Next week: Tuesday 9/3 6:30-8 by ICEA and Press Citizen at Coralville Library; Thursday 9/5 6:30 -8:30 at Hills Community Center.

Don't forget the other districts: Clear Creek Amana School Board Forum Monday, August 26th at 7 pm at the Oxford School Library; Solon School Board Forum Wednesday, August 28th at 6:30 at the Solon Public Library

Today's the Official announcement tour by GOP Senate 39 candidate Royce Phillips; stops in Sigourney, Washington and North Liberty.

Thursday the JCDems are having a little busier executive board meeting than usual, as we're combining it with a mail stickering party. 6 PM, ICPL.

Monday of course is Labor Day (celebrated in May 1 in the rest of the civilized world) so you know what that means:
The Iowa City Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO, will host its annual Labor Day picnic on Monday, September 2, starting at noon at Upper City Park, shelter 2. Burgers, brats, veggie options and beverages provided. Please bring a dish to share. Political speeches and a good time guaranteed. Free to all Friends of Labor. For more information call Patrick Hughes, President, Iowa City Federation of Labor, 319-828-4541.
The Labor Day picnic is a good place to spot candidates. Always interesting to see who does and doesn't show. (I take roll.)

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